Travel Review: Jatetxea Ermintxo, Natxitua, Spain

Hidden in between the mountains and the ocean of the north coast of Spain lies a small (more like teeny-tiny) town called Natxitua. The last thing one would expect from such a place is a restaurant that could make you think twice about underestimating its potential. Yet, Jatetxea Ermintxo, found in the Hotel Ermintxo in Natxitua, did just that.

Innovative dishes such as fresh-outta-the-oven, flaky puff pastry filled with king crab meat that has been stewed in what we deem “magic sauce”, and baby squid in fish broth with caramelized onions are beyond par and could compete with any five star restaurant. The sea bass in salsa verde, or what seemed to be a butter sauce with tons of green herbs, flaked perfectly with your fork before it melted in your mouth. The filet mignon topped with foie gras was served with simple french fries, as if the pairing could disguise how amazingly luxurious and delectable the combination of the tender meat and creamy foie was.

Most memorable, however, was the cheese ice cream. That ice cream was so amazing that we enjoyed it both as an afternoon snack and our dinner’s dessert on the same day.

The restaurant’s decor is very simple and approximates what you think your grandma’s table would look like for a family gathering. Pair that with the restaurant’s hilltop view overlooking the mountains and ocean, and not only do you feel comfortable and at-home, but you also feel like you’re living in a Kodak moment.

The bread and all their food is fresh (think, the fish has been caught the same day it is served and the vegetables are grown a few minutes away) and made to order, and the ice cream is homemade.

The prices are very modest for the quality of the food that is served by the charming ladies who run the place.

Overall, we went into Jatetxea Ermintxo expecting nothing out of the ordinary and came out flabbergasted and raving about it. If you are ever so lucky to cross paths with the town of Natxitua, make sure you don’t miss Jatetxea Ermintxo, it’s a definite 5/5.

Best for: Special occasions, date night, dining with a group, casual dining

Address: BO Eleixalde, 30, 48287 Ea, Spain

Phone: +34 946 27 77 00

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